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Medical treatments are differentiated into various categories depending on parts or components of a human body. For most of the fields of medical treatment, diagnosis is required. Diagnosing a disorder of a specific category varies from another due to its origin and type. Therefore, diagnostic tests vary too.

Diagnosis for disorders related to heart: Heart abnormality is a risk to your health. If ignored, it can be a risk to your life. Diagnostic tests for most of the heart disorders include ECG (electrocardiography), blood clotting test, scanning tests that involve checking the size and structure of your heart, blood pressure check, angioscopy, etc.

Diagnosis for disorders related to your lungs: Lungs are responsible for your breathing process. Diseases of the lungs can affect your system. Examinations like oxymetry test, screening test to study lung structure, chest radiography, thoracoscopy, and many others, are performed to detect problems of the lungs.

Diagnosis of kidney disorders: Kidneys are responsible to filter out the waste products from your body. If anything is wrong with its functions, other functions of your body might get badly affected. Evaluation techniques to learn about abnormalities of kidney include kidney function test, urine tests, MRI scan for kidneys, etc.

Diagnosis of bones: Defects like weak bones, bone cancer, soft bones, etc. can be detected using few diagnostic tests. Bones are mainly diagnosed using imaging techniques like X-rays, MRI, CT scan, etc.

Diagnosis of blood vessels: When doctors are suspicious that you might have a blood clot or damaged artery or vein, or any other issue with your blood vessel, he/she will ask you to go for a diagnostic test. These tests might include imaging tests to view the structure of blood vessel, blood test to check the clotting rate of blood, and many others.

There are many other parts of your system like hair, skin, liver, limbs, nerve, brain, etc. that require diagnosis if general checkups do not show any particular conclusion about your health problem. To choose diagnostic tests for you or your family, you can select among the list of lab centers provided above. Open the link to the chosen one to know about diagnostic tests and their respective prices offered by that center.